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George’s at Alys Beach

I think my husband would eat this salmon BLT every single day of his life if he could

If I could choose to spend a day doing whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted, it would most definitely include a meal at George’s in Alys Beach, FL. I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but that’s just HOW GOOD the food & atmosphere is at this cozy seaside bistro. George and Ann Hartley have been serving […]

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fashionABLE Scarves

scarves saba_weaving

I’m a total scarf person. It’s the easiest way to give your standard outfit a pop of color, texture, and chicness. Regular jeans and a tshirt? Just add a luxe scarf and some fab earrings and you’ve got yourself a show-stopper. I also know that all of you womanistas like to look great – but […]

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Tanastacia Skin Studio

tan bilde

Alright womanistas, you know I love a good spray tan. I got super spoiled with an A+ spray tanner who came to my house to hose me down with a tan whenever i started to feel like casper the friendly ghost…until she recently moved to the sunny shores of California! So my search for a […]

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Cafe Nonna

Nonna IMG_09433

You know those neighborhood restaurants that you want to keep as your little secret so that your corner table is always available whenever you want it? Well womanistas, this is me spoiling my not-so-secret restaurant gem – Cafe Nonna is a cozy, candlelit, Italian bistro that serves up comfort food dishes just like “Nonna” would […]

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A Pop of Pink for Spring – The Blazer

pink 47532558

Nashville has been really warm lately, and it feels more like summer than spring these days! But today’s “cold front” (and by cold front, I mean it’s 57 degrees outside instead of the 85 degrees it has been in the past week) reminded me that we haven’t hit a heat wave in Music City just […]

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Selecting Kitchen Countertops & The Lowdown on Marble


So, y’all remember how I am renovating a house? (well, I’m not personally hammering nails, but I have a house that’s being renovated and I’m making decisions about it, but anyway…) Yesterday I entered the crazy, absolutely mind-boggling world of picking out countertops at the stone shop (I’m sure it has a much more technical […]

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Easter Looks for all Budgets

yellow 507632331

Happy Good Friday, Womanistas! Not only is it a day to sing praises for Jesus, but I’m sure many of you are also enjoying a long holiday weekend (another reason to say Hallelujah!) Though I know for certain that God doesn’t care what you wear to church, and you could show up in a garbage […]

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The Mandarin Bar Las Vegas

las vegas

Looking for a fashionable, relaxed cocktail lounge tucked away from the giant, crowded casinos in Las Vegas? Discover a jewel box that oozes relaxed chicness and serves up delicious libations – the Mandarin Bar. The Mandarin Bar sits on the 23rd Floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel at City Center in Las Vegas, tucked away […]

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Il Mulino Las Vegas

las vegas 2

After a few days of wiling away your time in Las Vegas, sometimes a womanista just needs a delicious meal with a waiter who speaks Italian and wears a tuxedo (Can I get a “grazie”??). When you are seeking a respite from the bustle of sin city, settle in for a romantic, authentic Italian meal […]

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Fresh Prints for Your Home

This gorgeous fabric from Madeline Weinrib can be found at ABC Carpet & Home in New York City

I am currently renovating a home. and decorating it. and deciding where to place light switches, among many other things. For those of you womanistas who haven’t yet taken on the massive project that is home renovation, let me break it down simply: It’s super fun, super demanding, and super time-consuming, yet super rewarding. I […]

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