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Archive | June, 2012

Womanista Fashion: A Perfectly Chic Travel Outfit

I am about to embark upon a jaunt across 8 countries, through various fabulous cities over the next month. I am tagging along with my husband on his European tour […]

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Womanista Decor: How to Burn A New Candle

I recently spent a weekend at the beach with some fabulously savvy and lovely bloggers (Yes, I’m talking about YOU AnnieBlogs, Lyndsights, & Loom Decor!) I also bought a new […]

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Womanista Fashion: The Orange Cocktail Dress

Summer is a time when you can really let your inner fashion star shine! You can express yourself with color, accessorize to the max, and show a little more skin […]

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Womanista Holiday: The First Day of Summer!

Hello lovely womanistas! I am SO ready for the hot, fabulous heat wave that is summertime! (Can I get an “amen!” on that one??) I’m craving a poolside cookout, a […]

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Womanista Beauty: Dry Shampoo


I have a dirty little secret. I rarely wash my hair (I know, so gross!) but according to my colorist, it’s definitely what’s best for my hair – the fewer […]

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Womanista Wish List: Favorite Things for Summer

As we cruise into the warmer months, I wanted to share a few of my “favorite things” for the summer season with all of you lovely womanistas! Whether you are […]

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Womanista Decor: A New Home

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably already know that I’m renovating a house (and if this is your first visit to Womanista, why hello! Thanks for […]

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