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Womanista Fashion: A Perfectly Chic Travel Outfit

Nicole Richie airport

I am about to embark upon a jaunt across 8 countries, through various fabulous cities over the next month. I am tagging along with my husband on his European tour (how Kate Hudson in “Almost Famous” of me!) and I.Am.Excited. But this leads to some serious packing and some serious questions (all of which are […]

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Womanista Decor: How to Burn A New Candle

Beach House

I recently spent a weekend at the beach with some fabulously savvy and lovely bloggers (Yes, I’m talking about YOU AnnieBlogs, Lyndsights, & Loom Decor!) I also bought a new candle. You’re probably thinking, “cool story, Womanista [insert sarcasm]…” But anyway, after my candle purchase, the aforementioned blogger lovelies (I’ll call them Blogglies!) were super-impressed […]

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Womanista Fashion: The Orange Cocktail Dress


Summer is a time when you can really let your inner fashion star shine! You can express yourself with color, accessorize to the max, and show a little more skin than usual. One of my favorite ways to have fun with fashion this summer is with the uber-glam, statement-worthy orange cocktail dress! I am obsessed […]

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Womanista Holiday: The First Day of Summer!

Caliza Pool

Hello lovely womanistas! I am SO ready for the hot, fabulous heat wave that is summertime! (Can I get an “amen!” on that one??) I’m craving a poolside cookout, a road trip to a cozy seaside town, a flowy cotton sundress on a balmy night, and an icy-cold margarita.   There is some exciting stuff […]

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Womanista Beauty: Dry Shampoo


I have a dirty little secret. I rarely wash my hair (I know, so gross!) but according to my colorist, it’s definitely what’s best for my hair – the fewer washes, the better – in order to leave it healthy and moisturized. Years of bleach have left my locks fragile and frizzy (doesn’t that sound […]

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Womanista Wish List: Favorite Things for Summer


As we cruise into the warmer months, I wanted to share a few of my “favorite things” for the summer season with all of you lovely womanistas! Whether you are traveling to an exotic locale with your supermodel French boyfriend (if this is you, please stand up and let yourself be known! I applaud you!), […]

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Womanista Decor: A New Home

Pink Chair

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably already know that I’m renovating a house (and if this is your first visit to Womanista, why hello! Thanks for reading! Get cozy and enjoy the fabulous!) …but back to the house renovation. We are done! All of the decision making, hard work, and dust […]

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