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Womanista Fashion: Gold Silver Bronze

Soraya Shimmer Side hi-res

The 2012 Olympics are about to kick-off in style, with all eyes on the athletes (and the fab city of London!) I don’t know about you, womanistas, but there is some serious olympic-fever in my house! I am choosing to channel it into glitzy, luxurious party-wear just for you – inspired by the coveted Olympic […]

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Womanista Travel: A Day in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Flowers

Copenhagen has captured my heart. It is beautiful, clean, friendly, and fabulous. I spent the day in Copenhagen wandering through the cobbled streets, lazily lounging in Frederiksberg Park, and enjoying the evening with wine, some girlfriends, and karaoke (and no, I didn’t purchase the DVD of my rousing rendition of a Britney Spears song – complete with backup […]

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Womanista Food + Drink: Best Summer Wines under $20


Ah, Wine. I’m a big fan (Ok fine, a really big fan. I love wine. Especially when I’m drinking it over chit-chat with my girlfriends and eating cheese!) I am not the kind of wine-lover, however, who knows the wine “lingo” (I am literally the person who goes into my local wine shop and asks, […]

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Womanista Fashion: Picks from My Favorite UK Designers

Charlotte Olympia

I’ve soaked up some fabulous fashion over the past two weeks that I’ve spent in the UK – especially when it comes to homegrown, UK designers! Some Brit labels are well known & loved in the US and around the globe (Hello, Stella McCartney & Alexander McQueen!) and others haven’t quite risen to the ranks […]

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Womanista Food + Drink: Stravaigin in Glasgow

stravaigin interior

I’m perpetually on the hunt for a cozy, chic restaurant with warm, lively ambience and great food. When I find myself in a foreign city, I like to ask the locals “Hey, where should I go for dinner?” followed by the cozy/chic/lively/warm/yummy aforementioned description. In Glasgow, I got one answer: Stravaigin. Stravaigin (meaning “to wander […]

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Womanista Beauty: My Favorite Lipsticks for Summer

Jane Iredale

Makeup can be tricky when summertime rolls around, especially when the temps start to soar over 100 degrees (I’m looking at you, Nashville heat!!) The last thing you want on your skin is heavy, cakey, thick makeup. A great solution for creating a statement look while you beat the heat is with a pretty lip […]

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Womanista Travel: UK Snapshots

The view of these classically british buildings is just off Charlotte Street

Cheers, from the UK, womanistas! (Glasgow currently, to be specific!) I’m spending the month of July sacrificing for my wifely duties and playing the part of European traveler/tour groupie while my husband performs across Europe with his band. (I know, it’s a really tough job and I am certainly the best wife in the world for even […]

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Womanista Food + Drink: Dean Street Townhouse

a "proper" martini and whiskey at Dean Street Townhouse

London is the city that put “cool” on the map. It is cosmopolitan and fashion-forward, yet impossibly cool and relaxed. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world for many reasons, one of which is the fact that at 4-5PM, pretty much everyone heads to a pub, stands on the sidewalk and drinks a […]

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Womanista Beauty: The Best Mascara

YSL Mascara

There really isn’t anything worse than flaky, smeared, clumpy mascara (Ok, yes, there are worse things in life. But when it comes to beauty blunders, gross mascara is top 3!) I’ve tried a lot of different mascara…because for some reason – maybe my bottom lashes have an incredibly odd tilt, who knows! – my mascara […]

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Womanista Food + Drink: MasterChef’s Graham Elliot & Summer Recipes

Shrimp + Avocado + Yucca dish from Graham Elliot

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit. I love the friendly people, the cool vibe of the city by the water, the awesome shopping (Hello, Magnificent Mile!) and I ESPECIALLY love the foodie haunts. A friend gave me one of the best dining tips I’ve ever gotten when she suggested my husband and […]

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