10 Tips for Styling a Family Photo

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Styling a family session can be fun and painless with these very simple steps. This will help you feel beautiful while pulling together a cohesive family look for timeless and beautiful images.

    Think of a color and pick only one for the whole family. In my opinion, it’s important for a family to look cohesive and feel comfortable the day of pictures. I encourage my clients to choose from classic neutrals pairing the color choice with whites and khakis. It’s important for the clothes to take a backseat to the real emotions that can be highlighted on this day.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
    Small prints need to be avoided unless they are large and or come in the form of a photo (my attempt at humor). Small prints and or graphics on clothes do not photograph well. If you would like to incorporate a print, make sure its a large soft stripe, beautiful polka dots and or a great neutral plaid to ensure the visibility with the camera.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
    Earrings and or necklaces are always a great statement choice for the ladies. I always suggest jewelry from Jcrew for my fashionable mothers out there. Remember, less is more and one statement piece for pictures should be plenty.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
    Accessorize your children more. Pick two Accessory pieces for each child. This can be in the form of a sweet ruffled sock with darling shoes, Pigtails, little bonnets or beanies, leggings or tights to sweet sweaters or cardigans.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
  5. PROPS
    Personal props and flowers are always a great addition in an image. This can be vintage dolls, tasty treats, to beautiful blooms.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
    Ladies, I swear by this product when it comes to lashes. All of my clients now know how amazing Benefit’s “They are Real” mascara is and I suggest two to three thick coats to make your eyes pop.

    Unless it is summer and or you just returned from a magical beach vacation, no one should be tan including a spray tan. The camera is sensitive to any synthetic tanner and it will translate a lovely orange color that should never be seen. Natural Sunless skin is preferred and photographs beautifully.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
    Ladies, More is More when it comes to concealer!! I tell all my mothers out there to stay away from foundation for pictures. Foundation will leave an inevitable and very noticeable line around your jaw. The camera is very sensitive to this line and it often translates to orange on the face. Instead of foundation, use the the mother load of concealer underneath the eyes and around the nose. My favorite concealer is from Mac. I use Mac Studio Finish Concealer on all of my clients for a picture perfect finish and a well rested look!!

    For the Men, If you would like to shave, I often suggest shaving the day before to avoid razor burn. You can also avoid those pesky little red bumps all together by embracing the scruff.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)
  10. HAVE FUN
    My most important tip for the family is to have fun on the day of pictures. Try to forget the photographer is even there and play with your children. It has been during these moments where I have been able to capture some of the most memorable images for my dear clients.

    (Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck)

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