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What's in a name? We say everything.

Little girls deserve names every bit as lovely and enchanting as they are, names that exude elegance and grace.It is so important that their names are pretty to say and playful, but balanced with an air of sophistication that can grow with them as they mature into young ladies.

While there is nothing wrong with the traditional names like Elizabeth, Emily and Sarah, it's always a fun challenge to come up with something a little outside of the box. 

We've come up with some creative, pretty names for little girls, but be sure to comment and let us know your favorites!

Whimsical Little Girl Names

Giving your little girl a whimsical name is like opening up a door for her to be free-spirited and creative.

Corinne, Camille, Jayde, Willa, Elle, Ava, Phoebe, Alia (rising), Arline (oath), Ellery (joyful), Kinsey, Kinsley, Verena, Emerson, Winfrey, Scintilla, Knightley, Wylie, Blythe, Gemma, Fletcher, Colby, Blanche, Kirby, Brynne, Elinor, Ainsley, Lyle, Quinn, Vera

Little Girl Name Inspired By Nature

Nature is the most obvious and timeless source of inspirationIts abundance of divine beauty can provide the perfect name for your little girl. A plus? These nature-inspired names are memorable and guaranteed to stand out.  

Willow, Gardenia, Marigold, Fern, Amaryllis, Zora (Greek: Alive), Marin (Latin: of the sea), Briony, Niobe, Meade, Peony, Tansy, Thyme, Zinnia, Callalily, Gardenia, Celestia, Skye, Jacinta, Lux, Leilani, Phoenix, Arbor, Briar, Elm, Quarry, Posey 

Boyish Names For Little Girls 

Not every little girl has to have a girly name. We love a boyish name for a little girl and think that it's also a great way to mix in family names. Boyish names make for great middle names for girls as well. 

Greyson, Ryan, Hadley, James, Maxwell, Beckham, Reagan, Riley, Reynolds, Ollie, Kyle, Brett, Bennett, Burke, Tyne, Parker, Presley, Faulkner, Drew, Stuart, Charley, Cooper, Hudson, Cole, Carson, McCallen, Dylan, Dawson, Easton, Rowan, Carter, Hunter, Kameron, Hayden, Reese, Bailey, Blaine, Tanner, Spencer

Little Girl Names Inspired By Literature

Literature can be a great place to pick out unusual names for little girls that sound exotic, classic, yet cool, or just plain interesting. It can also be a great idea to use part of the name of a famous female author to give your little girl an edgy and intelligent name. 

Arietty, Cordelia, Scout, Aurora, Dahlia, Vida (French: Victory), Portia, Calliope (Greek: beautiful voice), Alma (Celtic: good), Nerissa, Maisie, Cosette, Lydia, Winnie, Evelyn, Crewe, Hazel, Amory, Penelope, Wolfe, Harper, Maya, Daphne, Marlowe, Colette, Elspeth, Finn, Ione, Austen, Beatrix, Angelou 

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