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By: Cassie McConnell Kelley

Cassie McConnell Kelley is the founder of Womanista and a lover of fabulous. She travels the world with her musician husband, Charles Kelley, and she is forever searching for the perfect cozy corner in a dimly lit bar, the perfect shade of red lipstick, the perfect red wine for a dinner party, and the perfect stretch of white sand beach to plop down for vacation. She relishes her friendships, her family, and YOU, womanistas!

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    • Dee
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    Yay! Congrats! I love your article! I traveled a similar path 20+ years ago. I even had one of my grandmothers ask "Are you pregnant yet...or are you just getting fat?". I got pregnant and lost it and we decided to give it a break...and then it happened! My daughter Cassidy is now 21 and getting ready to walk down the aisle and start her own family. I always felt like I had so much more appreciation for my children after all of the struggles I went through! We had decided that she would be our one and only princess when 2 years later...oops we were pregnant again and blessed with a beautiful baby boy. The only advice I can give is enjoy every minute...It passes by so quickly! It seems like yesterday that I was bring home my babies:-)

  1. I'm so so happy for you and Charles! My prayer for your little one is that he/she would live a live that brings all the glory to Jesus! Such a sweet story of Gods grace in y'all's life that you have to share. Praying for a smooth and easy pregnancy, can't wait to see you're precious baby. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

    • brittany
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    Congrats to you both! Parenthood is the most wonderful thing. It is a love that is so deep and a bond that is completely unbreakable! I too struggled with having a baby. Saw a great fertility doc in Nashville. Yes! the dye test DOES hurt! After several IUI's and IVF's we decided to take a break. Then God brought international adoption into our lives at the most perfect moment. We put in our application for a baby and nine months later! we had our baby boy. Then two years later we did the same thing and got our baby girl. The Lord works in mysterious ways and on His time table. For this I am thankful because I have the two most beautiful children (who are now teenagers and are so much fun!). Congrats again and enjoy every moment! This is you and your husband's incredible journey and do what is best for you two. People will have their opinions and give their advice, but ultimately it's whats best for you and your family. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations to you both.

  3. Congrats!!! Stories like yours help families who struggle with infertility. It makes us feel we are not alone, but that miracles do happen. I had he dye test and they told me the same thing, some light cramping. It was excruciating, I felt like I was being tortured (and I've had one baby already!). But it was a necessary test, and I'm glad I endured it. Congrats again, such amazing news!

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