Photographer Makes Beautiful Tribute to Child She Miscarried

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(Photo: Facebook)


Photographer Victoria Doyle is the mother of three beautiful children, but along her journey to motherhood, she suffered nine miscarriages.

To honor her lost babies and raise attention for Baby Loss Awareness Week, Doyle shared a moving photograph of her children holding hands with a baby apparition. The apparition represents the child she first lost. 

She posted the photo to the Facebook page of her business, Blue Bean Photography.

In the caption she writes, "In April 2006, I first experienced the pain of miscarriage. Although it was a long 9 years ago, I feel that lump in my throat and ache in my heart every time I think about it. I went on to experience a further 8 losses over the years and thankfully gave birth to three wonderful healthy children, but the first was always the hardest......sometimes I wonder how different life would have been."

BuzzFeed reported that she is sharing her story to offer support and hope for other families who have experienced the pain of losing a child. She hopes to open the dialogue, so that people are able to discuss the painful but important topic.