Lego Releases First Minifigure to Use a Wheelchair

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(Photo: Getty / Daniel Karmann)

Famed toymaker Lego revealed its first-ever disabled minifigure Thursday, CNN Money reported.

The figure was unveiled at the Nuremberg and London toy fairs earlier this week and sparked rumors over whether the figure, a wheelchair user with an assistance dog, would be a part of a Lego set. The company later confirmed those rumors and announced that the wheelchair figure will be included in a Lego CITY set to launch in June.

The announcement has many disability advocacy groups elated, as there has recently been a push for toymakers to include figures with disabilities in their offerings. The campaign Toy Like Me, which started a petition for Lego to add disabled figures to its sets, was overjoyed to hear the news. "We've got genuine tears of joy right now... Lego have just rocked our brick-built world," Rebecca Atkinson of Toy Like Me wrote in an update to the group's petition Wednesday.

"LEGO we salute you!," the petition added. "You've just made a 150 million children, their mums, dad, nans, grandads, teachers, carers, pet dogs and hamsters very VERY VERY happy!"

The upcoming Lego set will reportedly be called Fun in the Park, according to NPR, and will feature the youth in a wheelchair as well as adults and children at a park area.

(Photo: Getty / Daniel Karmann)