Can You Find the Pickle Hidden Among the Burger Toppings?

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(Photo: Sally-Ann Heron / Deliveroo)

Internet puzzle alert!

The photo above shows a hodgepodge of burger ingredients, but there's something hidden among the mustard, fries and ketchup — a gherkin pickle!

The Telegraph shares that the mind-boggling image was created by illustrator Sally-Ann Heron for food delivery service Deliveroo, who admitted it was a tough one to draw.

"I kept forgetting where it was myself, while I was drawing it," Heron said. "It also provides some food for thought, as I was really hungry by the time I'd finished it."

“We spotted the trend for these puzzles and thought it would be great fun to test out our customers and the rest of the public," a Deliveroo spokesman said, adding that the image will “have you losing your marbles rather than counting your calories”.

Given up on the search for the gherkin yet? Look closer—it's in the bottom left-hand corner behind a burger patty and an onion ring.

(Photo: Sally-Ann Heron / Deliveroo)