Switch Up Your Spectacles: Trendy Eyeglasses You Need Now

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A prescription for glasses isn’t a tragedy, Womanistas; in fact, it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase your amazing sense of style, unique personality and propensity for fashion forward thinking. With a never ending assortment of styles and varieties available, you’re sure to find a pair that complements your face shape while allowing you to express yourself in the most fashionable way possible. 

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Who needs makeup when you can freshen up your face with glasses in soft, face-flattering hues like peach or light pink? 

Cat eye
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Cat Eye
Harken back to the 1950s with a pair of cat eye glasses to channel your old Hollywood glam side.

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Two Tone
If you can’t decide between two different styles, now you don’t have to — two tone glasses offer the best of both worlds.

Wire Rimmed
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Wire Rimmed
For a more delicate look, choose frames with a wire or metal rim that’s less about bold and chunky and more about sleek and chic.

Warby Parker
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Glasses don’t have to be dark or colored to make a statement; clear styles can be just as much a testimony to your fashion sense as bolder styles.

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Round glasses have a way of fitting every genre: mod, hipster, glam and classic all rolled into one amazingly versatile frame.

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