Connie Britton Talks 'Nashville' Return

| Nashville
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(Photo: Twitter / @ccyankeechick82)

After ABC recently announced that it would be cancelling Nashville, fans everywhere rallied together to keep the show on the air! On Friday morning, CMT revealed that it would be the new home to the country music show's fifth season, and since then, Connie Britton has shared her thoughts on the happy news with ET.

While at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, Friday, she admitted, “I don’t know anything! Literally, I found out today like everybody else. I have no information to tell you!”

She did, however, seem to confirm that she will return to the show to appear as superstar Rayna James. “Of course, of course!,” she said.

Britton also made sure to express her appreciation for the vocal fans who helped get Nashville back on the air.

“Look, that was an example of fans being really enthusiastic and we really owe that all to the fans,” Britton said. “The same [happened] with Friday Night Lights and Nashville is experiencing the same good fortune.”

Britton's Nashville co-star Clare Bowen also spoke to ET earlier this week at the CMT Awards, and while nothing had been announced yet, Bowen was very enthusiastic about the prospect of Nashville heading to a new network.

“I’ve been seeing all sorts of things flying around and it’s really encouraging,” Bowen said. “I don’t know more than you do, but I’m really excited for whatever happens.

“Oh yeah. I mean, it’s a wonderful show. As long as it represents Nashville, the city, as what it actually is, that’s the most important thing. That it’s not just a television show,” she added. “This is a place where country music history was born, so it’s important.”