Bride Nakyia Whitty and Her Bridesmaids Showcase Their Natural Hair on the Big Day

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I'm loving all of these photos friends and family have captured!! I had a vision for my wedding and what was for Nakyia and Jay. Not anyone else and in the end I have to say everything exceeded what I could've imagined, and my expectations were pretty high might I add, I mean it is a special moment for us! Ultimately, I'm elated to have married my best friend with our family and friends surrounding us in the most beautiful way we could.... Our way. I have to stop posting! Lol! These aren't even the professionals. These are iPhone pics from family and friends standing by! If these came out this beautiful I can't imagine what the photographer captured!! #davisday61116 #beachwedding #puntacana #thisishardrockpc #natural #bride #bridesmaids #destinationweddings #blackloveweddings

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Nakyia Whitty and Javonte Davis have been together for four years, according to Buzzfeed. They recently tied the knot on June 11, 2016, and have since posted their photos on social media. Both Whitty and her bridesmaids all flaunted their natural hair.

Whitty said that she had always wanted her bridal party to wear their natural hair, even before she and Davis were engaged. She shared her own natural hair journey around four years ago.

“Wearing my natural hair signifies who I am as a black woman, who God created me to be,” she said.

Soon after posting, her photos were picked up by another account and went viral. People all across social media are in love with the flawless and natural hair of all of the women. Compliments and love started pouring in on Whitty’s personal Instagram account.

“I mean, we are beyond honored and humbled to have been seen, appreciated, and loved by so many,” Whitty said.

When talking about her own natural hair journey, Whitty said that her now husband, Davis, was instrumental in helping her. They learned her hair together and watched YouTube tutorials about how to care for it.


Getting ready... #maidofhonor #matronofhonor #beachwedding #hardrockpc #blackloveweddings

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“I love my natural tresses. I wasn’t always natural, but when I started this journey I began to appreciate and love what I was born with,” Whitty said. “I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel to be a blessing to so many… I am genuinely and humbly honored.”