Shemar Moore Posts a Now-Deleted Video Seeming to Allude to Thomas Gibson's Firing

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What could Shemar Moore be talking about in his now deleted video about karma? Could he be referencing the recent robbery he suffered at the hand of a friend? What about the recent firing of his Criminal Minds co-star Thomas Gibson?

“Lot of birdies chirping out there. The gossip is real. I hear it. I see it,” the actor said in the video.

Perhaps he is talking about all the rumors surrounding the firing of Gibson. According to EW, the former Dharma and Greg actor was fired after kicking Virgil Williams, one of the Criminal Minds writer-producers. There was a bit of a difference in creative direction.

“I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people, honest people, hard-working people, humble people,” Moore continued.

Perhaps he is referring to his recent robbery

No matter which of these recent events Moore was referencing, if either, in his video, he does offer some good advice.

“Celebrate yourself; celebrate your blessings – as you should. But just know that you’re not better than anybody. We all have our own gifts, so unwrap them bad boys and show ‘em off. But then appreciate other people’s gifts,” he continued. “Church is over.”