More Drama on Set of 'Criminal Minds' Surfaces in Wake of Thomas Gibson Firing

| Thomas Gibson
(Photo: CBS)

Since Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds last week, it has come to light that the physical altercation that led to his dismissal was not the only instance of drama on the set of the CBS series.

The drama on set came to a head when Gibson allegedly kicked a writer after the two got into an argument. After a multi-episode suspension, Gibson was let go from the show. 

This was not the first time the actor had been involved in confrontation during filming. In 2010, Gibson shoved assistant director Ian Woolf after the two got into a heated argument about a safety matter. According to Variety, Gibson was well known to be short tempered about matters involving punctuality and had existing tension with Woolf. 

Following that incident, the 54 year old actor was ordered to attend anger management classes.

Three years later, Gibson was arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles.

TMZ also reported that Gibson was caught engaging in an online relationship with a woman who was reportedly catfishing him.  

As for how the drama on set will affect the series, fans will have to wait since showrunners have not yet announced how the show will handle the creative changes.