Sneakers Made to Look Dirty and Torn Selling for $600

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(Photo: Barneys )

When sneakers get dirty and ripped to the extent that they are held together with tape, most people save up money for a new pair. These designer shoes, however, make you save up for the illusion of wear and tear. 

And what will that wear and tear cost you? About $600. 

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(Photo: Barneys )

The Distressed Superstar Sneakers are designed to look dirty, ripped, and frayed. Some of them are even made to look like they have duct tape holding them together. The Golden Goose brand shoes are for sale at Barneys from $500, to more than $600. 

For most people the point of wearing shoes that beat up is because they're the most comfortable ones you own, so it begs the question, are these shoes at least comfy? Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.16.41 PM
(Photo: Barneys )

If not, I have a pair of "distressed" sneakers I should be listing for at least a couple thousand dollars.