How to Make Your Red Lipstick Last All Day

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We can’t count how many times we’ve left the house in the mornings with the picture-perfect pout, only to glance in the mirror hours later and see no trace of that amazing color we so meticulously applied.

Life gets busy and the last thing you need to spend time doing is going over and over — and over  your lips with that gorgeous, vibrant lipstick you probably spent a pretty penny on. For gorgeous lips that will last you through work all the way until Happy Hour, follow our tried and true guide to achieving that coveted lasting color.

What You’ll Need
Lip exfoliate
Moisturizing balm
Lip liner
Lip brush
Transluscent powder and brush
Paper towel

Now What?
1. First, exfoliate your lips with your favorite lip scrub to remove all the dead skin, then follow up with a moisturizing balm.
2. Apply the concealer all over your lips and blend thoroughly, making sure to get the outer edges too.
3. Using a color that matches the natural color of your lips, line your lips with your lip liner and then fill it in completely to create a base for the lipstick to stick to.
4. Proceed to blot with a paper towel to remove excess color, then dip a powder brush in translucent powder and dust over the lips to help set the liner base.
5. Now apply your lipstick using a lip brush to give you control over a precise application.
6. Blot once more and use a tad of powder to set it again.

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