A Modern Guide to Wearing Lovely Lace

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Lace isn’t just for Easter Sunday anymore: the frilly fabric might not have a place in your everyday wardrobe rotation, but we're here to tell you why it should take center stage in your closet. Despite being notoriously fancy, modern lace ensembles can have an unexpected edge and an air of cool, mixing just the right parts femininty and fierceness. And of course, it doesn't hurt that a pop of lace peeking out makes us feel super sexy sometimes. 

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Leather jacket
If a full lace dress feels too formal, tone it down by throwing on a leather jacket to give your look just the right amount of edge.

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Sultry bralette
Every Womanista should own a sexy, sultry lace bralette: when it peeks out subtly in all the right places, it can totally elevate a plain tank.

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Casual sweatshirt
Take the comfort level up a few notches with this perfectly balanced look. We love the juxtaposition of a super casual sweatshirt paired with a dainty lace skirt and sexy sky-high heels.

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(Photo: Rachel Ledbetter Photo)

Feminine flats
For subtle lace vibes, opt for comfortable lace flats with just the right amount of girly lace.

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Chambray button down
As if we couldn’t love our ultra-versatile chambray button down more, pairing it with lace takes our favorite top to another level.

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Lacey Layers
Start with a lace camisole and layer your comfiest cardigans, capes, shawls, sweaters, ponchos — you get the idea.

Pick the best lace look for you with our Womanista Approved Lace with detailed information on where to buy it, how to wear it and why the picks our editors' favorites. 

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