Hello lovelies! This blog is about sharing ideas and inspiration from Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Decor, Food + Drink. I love to explore new cities and find the perfect, cozy nook for a glass of wine. Or an off-the-beaten-path boutique to pick up a chic piece of jewelry. I am always on the lookout for a fun date night restaurant to share with my husband, and the perfect liptstick to wear on that date. You can find all of those discoveries here, along with other tips & advice to create a perfectly balanced, beautifully delicious life…Let’s go on this journey together!

About the Womanista: I am a 20-something woman who lives in Nashville, TN with my husband.  He’s a traveling gypsy musician so you can usually find me floating around the globe with him. I like waking up to good coffee, winding down with California cabernet, and discovering pretty things everywhere in between.

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