Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild Talks Musical Journeys & What Makes a Woman Feel Powerful

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One of my favorite people in country music is Karen Fairchild. Not only is she a quarter of the GRAMMY-winning & off-the-charts talented band, Little Big Town, but she's a stylish fashionista who balances mom-life, building her personal brand alongside her music career, and just being uber-cool - and she makes it look effortless. I'm proud to call her a friend and I'm absolutely entranced with Little Big Town's latest album, The BreakerWe caught up after a her whirlwind album release week to chat about what this music means to the band, her spring collection for her clothing line, Fair Child, and what she can't live without in her makeup bag. Oh, and her friendship with Taylor Swift!


Cassie Kelley: Congrats on your album release! One of the things I love about Little Big Town so much as a band, is that your albums are always remarkable journeys. Do you go into the recording process with a singular mood or inspiration that you want to convey? 

Karen Fairchild: Every record seems to be a time marker for us as a band. We were traveling a lot while we were making this record. There was definitely an effort towards making a record you could roll the windows down and sing-along to on a warm summer day. It's nostalgic and very sentimental to us. 

CK: Its hard to pick a favorite track, but I am currently obsessed with "Lost in California". It's such a sultry escape, sonically and lyrically - Y'all have been on a rocket ship of success for the past few years, when you DO get a chance to go off the grid for a minute, where do you like to "escape" to?


KF: We spent a lot of time in California last year and when we heard “Lost In California" we fell in love with the sexy and easy feeling of the song. For me personally, nothing is more calming than sitting by the ocean. Anytime I can take a break I want to sit in a beach chair under an umbrella with a good magazine and watch my boys play in the sand. 

CK: Your clothing brand, Fair Child, has had so much success (and I'm such a fan!) It's currently available at Macy's - what designs are you excited about for the spring season? 

KF: Fair Child is another place where I can spread my wings creatively. I love fabric and am so inspired by what makes a woman feel confident and powerful. Clothes should have an element of surprise and that's what I'm loving about the spring collection. We have a camo jacket that has a bright red embroidered fish on the back. It's so unique and whimsical. I'm loving the mini skirt that's fully embroidered with beautiful flowers and scalloped details. The fit is really nice. Also, the floral bomber. It has a romantic quality but is tough at the same time because of the athletic banding in cherry red. The collection has a lot of lacy bits-from a baby blue pullover shirt to a gorgeous rust bomber. 

Fair Child Spring 2017

CK: What's one staple in your makeup bag on the road? 

KF: I'm obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's line of makeup. I can't go anywhere without the beach sticks. My favorites are "moon beach" and "ibiza".

CK: Taylor Swift wrote the lead single off your new album. Did she give you any advice about recording "Better Man"? 

KF: Taylor is a dear friend and we're so grateful for this beautiful song. She literally just sent an email with the song attached and we never really talked to her again until we played her the finished mix. Luckily, she was very happy. 

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