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Womanista Gift Guide: Gifts for your Guy

I don’t know about you, womanistas, but the guys on my Christmas list are usually left until the end of my shopping adventures because, well, guys can be tricky to […]

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Womanista Gift Guide: Gifts for the Home

I think my favorite kind of gifts to give (and get!) during the holiday season are items that make a home warm, stylish, & inviting – which can be something […]

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Womanista Decor: Decorating a New “Womanista” Home

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I purchased our dream home in Nashville – We only looked at it once before making an offer, and I […]

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Womanista Decor: Buying Art that Speaks to You

I absolutely love the spirit and energy that an original piece of art can bring to a home. But let’s be honest, buying art can be really intimidating and stressful! […]

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What I’m Loving This Week (Birthday Edition!)

A Wintry Escape: womanistas, it’s officially my birthday week!! I turn THIRTY (30!!) a week from today and my husband and I will be celebrating on a snowy mountain. I […]

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Womanista Decor: A Table for Two

This Valentine’s Day my husband and I will actually be in the same city (hooray!) so we’ve decided to have a low-key celebration at home. Sometimes having a little quiet […]

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Womanista Food + Drink: Hosting a “Glam” Super Bowl Party

One of my favorite days ever is Super Bowl Sunday (and I was lucky enough to be in Indianapolis last year to watch my beloved New York Giants win the […]

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Womanista Inspiration: Gold Dust Woman

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past few days in the presence of the original “Gold Dust Woman”, Ms. Stevie Nicks (Yes, that’s a total name drop! but seriously…) […]

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Womanista Food + Drink: A Christmas Meal

One of my favorite moments of the holiday season is when my family is gathered around a table, giving thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to be together, and […]

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Womanista Gift Guide: The Very Best Gifts

Alright, womanistas…it’s crunch time. I still have a handful of people on my Christmas list to shop for, the malls are starting to get crazy (well, they have pretty much […]

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Womanista Decor: Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

Thanksgiving is a time where you can really show off your entertaining personality. It can be really relaxed, fun and casual, or if you like entertaining in high style (hello, […]

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Womanista Wish List: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m gearing up to host a big family dinner this year! I don’t know about you, womanistas, but I enjoy the decor, planning, and “party” aspect […]

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Womanista Decor: DIY Network Builds Us A “Man Cave”

Womanistas, I have been SO excited to share this with you! Back in June, DIY Network rolled into Nashville and spent three days vamping up our pool house to give […]

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Womanista Decor: How to Burn A New Candle

I recently spent a weekend at the beach with some fabulously savvy and lovely bloggers (Yes, I’m talking about YOU AnnieBlogs, Lyndsights, & Loom Decor!) I also bought a new […]

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Womanista Holiday: The First Day of Summer!

Hello lovely womanistas! I am SO ready for the hot, fabulous heat wave that is summertime! (Can I get an “amen!” on that one??) I’m craving a poolside cookout, a […]

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Womanista Wish List: Favorite Things for Summer

As we cruise into the warmer months, I wanted to share a few of my “favorite things” for the summer season with all of you lovely womanistas! Whether you are […]

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Womanista Decor: A New Home

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably already know that I’m renovating a house (and if this is your first visit to Womanista, why hello! Thanks for […]

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Selecting Kitchen Countertops & The Lowdown on Marble

So, y’all remember how I am renovating a house? (well, I’m not personally hammering nails, but I have a house that’s being renovated and I’m making decisions about it, but […]

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Fresh Prints for Your Home

I am currently renovating a home. and decorating it. and deciding where to place light switches, among many other things. For those of you womanistas who haven’t yet taken on […]

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