I am currently renovating a home. and decorating it. and deciding where to place light switches, among many other things. For those of you womanistas who haven’t yet taken on the massive project that is home renovation, let me break it down simply: It’s super fun, super demanding, and super time-consuming, yet super rewarding.

This is the ceiling in my kitchen right now. We've got a ways to go!

I would like to focus on the FUN part of the journey so far, which is obviously the decorating! I’ve been working with this amazingly talented interior designer named Lindsay from The Iron Gate in Franklin, TN. Her design aesthetic is so inspiring, and I can’t wait to show all of you lovelies some of the things that she has come up with for our home! But since we are still months away from a finished product, let’s talk immediate gratification here. And by that I mean fabulous fabrics!

These statement pillows are like the earrings of a room. They create a fabulous focus


This gorgeous fabric from Madeline Weinrib can be found at ABC Carpet & Home in New York City

Madeline Weinrib has caused quite a stir in the design world since debuting her fabric & decor line. She uses texture, color, and pattern in a whimsical & bold way. Her pieces are truly works of art (and she was a painter before creating her line, so it makes sense!) I’ve been obsessed with some of her throw pillows for the past few days. How fun are these??

I’m also in love with this iris ikat print (my obsession with ikat knows no bounds at the moment…)

We picked this cool, geometric chevron rug from Madeline Weinrib to go in our new home. It mixes in with rustic brown leather club chairs and a soft green velvet ottoman in an understated, eclectic way.

If you want to give your home an updated pop on a more sensible budget, these throw pillows from Modest Pillows are fun, luxe, and guilt free at only $15 a piece!

Find the right spunky statement for your home with this selection from Modest Pillows on Etsy

For a more customized look for your home, I recently discovered a new site that is amazing! Loom Decor is a one-stop-shop where you can design your own drapery, duvet covers, throw pillows, and so much more. And the fabrics are all unique and chic and the customer service is top notch!

How gorgeous is this turquoise moroccan pattern?

Tell me, what patters and colors inspire you?

Happy decorating, womanistas!

xo, the Womanista

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