Karen Gillan Receives Backlash Over 'Jumanji' Wardrobe

| Entertainment

Karen Gillan takes to Twitter letting everyone know that, yes she is aware that she is wearing "child-sized clothing" in the upcoming Jumanji remake but she wants to make it clear that there is a reason to it all.

Gillan is seen in the film's latest photo wearing a red cut off shirt and army green shorts, and some say it's too much. Dwayne Johnson also took to social media to defend his costar. He calmed everyone's nerves saying "Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me."

According to The Wrap, fans are starting to speculate that both Johnson and Gillan's character may be referencing the late Robin William's character back in the 1995 original. Gillan may be the little girl trapped in the game, and just didn't have a spare outfit before being sucked into another world. We guess only time will tell. The remake is set to hit theaters July of 2017.