Tori Spelling Ordered to Pay $38K in Credit Card Debt

| Tori Spelling
(Photo: Getty / Brad Barket)

Tori Spelling has been ordered to pay around $38,000 after being sued by American Express in January, E! News reports.

Spelling was sued after she failed to pay debts amounting to $37,981.97, and it has been confirmed that on Aug. 11, Spelling was ordered to repay the full amount plus court fees of $855.

The actress' financial struggles have been well documented as of late, including a tax lien Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, received in July from the state of California for $259,108.23 relating to unpaid state taxes from 2014.

Spelling's mother, Candy Spelling, told TMZ in January that she was helping her daughter financially.

"I've been paying all her bills now, except I'm not paying extras like that," she said. "I'm not paying any back payments—just for the house, and the kids' schools, and their food."

Tori Spelling later told PEOPLE that she and her husband were "fine" financially.

"I just want that story to go away," she said of the lawsuit. "We're not bankrupt. We're not struggling. We're fine!"