Tori Spelling Receives Another American Express Lawsuit for Over $87,000 of Credit Card Debt

| Tori Spelling
(Photo: Twitter / @PEOPLEbabies)

Tori Spelling has been with hit with another lawsuit from American Express for over $87,000 of unpaid credit card debt, E! News reports.

The court documents, filed Monday in a Los Angeles Superior Court, state that the actress has failed to pay $87,594.55 in fees on one of her American Express platinum credit cards. A copy of Spelling's credit card statement was included in the documents, and shows that the remaining balance was unpaid with a closing date of April 27, 2016. The statement also reveals that the account was closed.

Spelling was previously sued by the credit card company in January and was ordered to pay around $38,000 in August. It is currently unclear whether the two lawsuits are related.

The actress' mother, Candy Spelling, told TMZ in January that she was helping her daughter out financially.

"I've been paying all her bills now, except I'm not paying extras like that," Candy said. "I'm not paying any back payments—just for the house, and the kids' schools, and their food."

Tori was previously asked about the initial lawsuit by PEOPLE, and responded that she just wanted the story to "go away."

"I just want that story to go away," she said. "We're not bankrupt. We're not struggling. We're fine!"