Husband of Missing Jogger Sherri Papini Thinks She's Been Abducted

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(Photo: Twitter / @JerrieDean)

Sherri Papini was reported missing after she failed to pick her children up after leaving to go jogging around 2 p.m. last Wednesday, and her husband believes she was abducted.

“Everybody who knows my wife knows that there’s no reason for her to leave ... She was definitely taken against her will,” Keith Papini told ABC News on Sunday.

Sherri, from Shasta County, California, was reported missing on Wednesday around 6 p.m. after failing to pick her children up from child care, which she normally did after completing her afternoon jog. The 34-year-old, described by family as a "super mom," was last seen jogging alone on Sunrise Drive in Redding.

“I received a text message from her at 10:37 a.m. that day asking me if I was coming home for lunch,” Keith explained. “I usually don’t bring my personal phone in on my job. So I didn’t respond to that message until 1:39 p.m. that day.”

Keith added that he tracked Sherri's cell phone with an app and discovered it on the side of a road.

“Knowing that she didn’t pick up our kids — there is no way that ever happens,” he said. “She could drop her phone, but she would never in a million years not pick up our children on a time that she normally would have.”

Sherri was last seen wearing a pink jogging top. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said on Saturday that she was “considered at risk due to the suspicious circumstances.”

Authorities have not identified any suspects, the Ventura County Star said, and Sherri's family is offering a $50,000 reward for information.