Beauty Guru Huda Kattan on Why She Thinks There's a 'Selfie Epidemic'

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(Photo: Instagram / @hudabeauty)

When it comes to makeup, Instagram is the place to go. Women from all over the world constantly post photos of themselves rocking the latest beauty trends, and millions more like and comment on their photos. 

One of these Instagram stars, Huda Kattan, has used the Internet to launch a successful blog, Instagram account and makeup brand, amassing millions of followers with her makeup shots, which include plenty of selfies. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Kattan opened up about makeup, Instagram and why she thinks there's a "selfie epidemic."

"The human eye just cannot pick things up the way a camera lens can, so when you're constantly taking photos, you see things differently, and it's really, really difficult," she explained. "It's a selfie epidemic. It's never going to go away. We have 15-year-olds who look like they're 20 now, and a lot of it comes from the lifestyle that we live in: Instagram, Snapchat, taking photos of yourself constantly."

Kattan added that all these selfies can add up to insecurity.

"I have a very strong belief that taking too many selfies and looking at yourself too much in the mirror can actually be very damaging for people," she said. "Beauty can be very enlightening and uplifting and empowering, but some women take it the wrong way. They become competitive or get down on themselves. I've seen women get too in their head about being attractive."

"No matter what, people look at your photos and make so many assumptions," she continued. "It's actually really hard to be an Instagram personality or someone who is in photos so much. You feel differently than a normal woman would. You probably feel a little bit more insecure."

Despite this, Kattan shared that she's learned to embrace her flaws.

"You have to find a way to overcome them, forget about them, and — I wouldn't say you have to embrace your insecurities. You can embrace the fact that you have insecurities."