Watch: News Anchors Gag on Air After Sampling Co-Worker's Artichoke Dip

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Sometimes sampling a co-worker's dish at the office potluck can result in a discreet trip past the trash can, but when you're live on air, it's harder to hide your disgust. 

A group of Global News Calgary anchors have been bringing in holiday dishes to share with each other, but Friday's snacking went horribly wrong. 

Traffic reporter Leslie Horton brought in an artichoke dip with a few bizarre ingredients. 

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel was the first one to brave a bite of the unappetizing looking dish. 

"It's not that bad,'' he said at first. "It's — the vinegar."

Quickly, however, his first impression changed and he started gagging. 

"But there's no vinegar in there!" Horton informed the others as they cringed. 

The co-hosts burst into laughter as they each tried and failed to politely taste the dip. 

"It burns!" one of them said, trying to hide her laughter and disgust. 

Fortunately, thanks to their investigative skills, the team was able to figure out the culprit. 

"Apparently the key is to NOT use pickled artichokes," Horton wrote on Twitter.