Watch: Audi Car Commercial Challenges Gender Stereotypes

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The Audi Spain’s car commercial will leave your heart smiling.

The commercial is centered around a toy store that comes to life after everything closes.

The aisles are separated by pink toys for girls with dolls, strollers, princesses — you name it. Then you have blue toys for the boys, which include race cars, trucks and soldiers.

Pretty stereotypical.

Once the store closes, one doll is ready to get going until she realizes her carriage is missing an essential item: a horse. So, what does she do?

She swings on over to the “boy aisle” and gets into an Audi toy car of course. As she is racing through the aisles and noticing the split worlds of the toys, the lights come back on as she races to get back her correct aisle.

In the end, she is discovered in the driver's seat by a little boy who asks his mom for the car and the doll. His mother says no and puts the doll back on the “girl shelf” where she belongs. The little boy isn’t fazed, and goes back to grab the doll at the end.


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