Parents Claim Hatchimals Are Saying Swear Words

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It seems some people's Hatchimals came with a potty mouth. 

Parents are claiming that the season's most sought after toy has a drawback. When in sleep mode, the birdlike creature's snoring sounds suspiciously like it's cursing. 

“I’m pretty sure it says ‘**** me,’” one consumer, Nick Galego, told CTV Vancouver Island News on Wednesday after his son's Hatchimal hatched.

While some are incredibly incensed over the toy's alleged cussing, the Galego's find it amusing.  

His wife, Sarah Galego, said, “We’re not going to return it … it’s pretty funny!”

Spin Master, the company responsible for the toy, denies that the Hatchimals are saying any words, let alone innappropriate ones. 

“Hatchimals communicate by speaking their own unique language, which is made up of random sounds, and by making other noises, including shivering when they’re cold and snoring while they sleep,” Spin Master’s spokesperson Tara Tucker told Us Weekly.

Hatchimals seem to have been plagued by issues from the start. At first, the company faced complaints that the toys were sold out, then many consumers' eggs didn't hatch on Christmas. 


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