A Teddy Bear Is Finally on the Market to Help You Embrace Your Inner Yogi

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Stop everything you’re doing because there is a teddy bear that will help you get through 2017.

The Meddy Teddy is a bear is your new favorite yoga buddy and your kid’s (or your) new favorite toy. According to its Instagram it’s said to promote mindfulness and “inspire aspiring yogis all over.”

“Scientific studies of the impact of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teachings on young minds show it can improve self-control, reduce anger, anxiety, and depression, increase self-esteem, and even boost academic performance, learning, and memory.”

If you’re having a rough day, just pose with your teddy bear in the comfort of your own home. It appears the bear knows all kinds of poses from beginner and all the way to expert.

If you think this bear is for you, you can snag it for only $29.95.


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