Elvis Presley Fans Pay up to $1,500 to Stay in This Memphis Hotel

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Elvis Presley fans live all around the world. Many of them pilgrim to Graceland, the mansion in Memphis that Presley lived in and died at, Forbes reports. 

Graceland attracts an average of 600,000 guests each year and is the second most visited residence in the country behind the White House.

On Oct. 27, the Elvis Presley Enterprises opened The Guest House at Graceland located next to the mansion. The 450-room hotel replaced The Heartbreak Hotel located across the street.

Elvis Presley Enterprises spent $90 million on building and perfecting the hotel, which is meant to be “subtle Elvis.” It replicates many rooms in Presley’s house including the famous staircase.

“The tour buses come in, and they have their photo opp,” said Gad Risier, one of the managers. “It’s a staircase to heaven for them.”

One of the largest hotel suites costs $1,500 a night and is the representation of “rock ‘n’ roll.” The room is modeled after Presley’s master bedroom in Graceland with metallic gold and silver finishes and has a television above the bed like he had.

The new hotel is the perfect place to spend a night like the King of Rock and Roll.


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