Police Threw a Surprise Party for Elderly Woman So She Didn't Spend Her Birthday Alone

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(Photo: Mumbai Police)

An 83-year-old from Mumbai was thrown a surprise party by police when they found out she'd be alone on her birthday, BuzzFeed reports.

The police regularly visit Lalita Subramanyam as part of their effort to reach out to people who are vulnerable. Subramanyam has lived by herself for 25 years, so police officers help her in her day-to-day life.

When officers found out that her children wouldn't be able to visit her on her special day, they came instead, bearing cake and flowers in a sweet gesture.

Twitter users praised the officers for their kindness and wished Subramanyam a happy birthday.

Senior police inspector B.M. Kakad told Huffington Post that Subramanyam is like a mother to him and other officers in the division.

"She was very happy with birthday celebration. She said her children visit her few times a year but are unable to come frequently," Kakad said.

We're glad this sweet woman got the birthday she deserved!


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