'Sons of Anarchy' Star Harold Perrineau Joins 'Criminal Minds' Cast

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(Photo: FX)

If you're still wishing there was more Sons Of Anarchy to watch - and aren't patient enough to wait for Mayans MC to premiere - there's some good news on the way.

Sons Of Anarchy alum Harold Perrineau has just been cast in the new season of the ever-popular procedural drama, Criminal Minds.

Perrineau starred in Sons Of Anarchy during the show's fifth season, playing the terrifying white-collar gang leader - and villain to Jax and the club - Damon Pope. His run on the show only lasted that season, but he quickly established himself as one of the greatest - if not the greatest - villain in SOA history. 

According to TV Line, Perrineau will play a conflicted former-FBI agent on Criminal Minds. Going by the name Calvin Shaw, Perrineau's character will be incarcerated when the rest of the cast runs into him. He was locked up for killing one of his informants, and the team must decide if he is a friend to them - or if he could become a dangerous villain. 

While Harold Perrineau was celebrated for his role on Sons Of Anarchy, he has been a part of many legendary shows over the years. The actor became well-known for his role in the original HBO hit Oz, and he followed that success with a part in the talked-about sci-fi epic Lost.

Criminal Minds is entering its 12th season, and the show has also added Adam Rodriguez and Damon Gupton as series regulars, along with Paget Brewster.

Source: TV Line