This Dad Slammed Critics Who Complain About Babies on Planes in the Best Way

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(Photo: Twitter / @SmarterTravel)

Flying can be a frustrating experience for everyone, but it's especially frustrating for parents who have to deal with not only their children but everyone else's opinion of their children as well. 

One dad is sick and tired of the stigma and hate that parents face when on a flight and the hate they get from other passengers when their child cries, and he's speaking out about it. 

According to Scary MommyElon James White, founder of the media platform This Week in Blackness read a social media post where someone had yelled at parents telling them to keep their child quiet on the plane. 

White's response, in four tweets, illuminates the problem with that line of thinking perfectly. 

His final tweet on the matter said, "It's just amazing how s----y people can react to a kid and their parents. As if the parents are so ecstatic that the kid is screaming..."

While White told Huffington Post that he's never experienced such treatment, he's heard from so many others similar tales. 

“My wife and I both try everything in our power to make sure our child isn’t the crying baby because we’ve heard so many people say such awful things about parents and kids on planes,” he said. “But having tried to calm a 5-month-old down on a plane, seeing the post on social media about how parents need to control their kids really got to me. It implied that parents are just letting kids cry when in all honesty when a kid is crying their parents are the ones who are the most frustrated.”

What do you think about his stance on children in planes? 


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