Breaking: Shooter at Ft. Lauderdale Airport Identified as Military Member Esteban Santiago

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(Photo: Twitter / @bbcnews)

According to USA Todaythe shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida may have been a two-shooter situation. 

Reportedly the first shooter opened fire in a baggage claim area, reloading several times and leaving five people dead and nine injured. 

Sources are saying the gun may have been checked in the shooter's luggage. 

Shortly after the first incident reports emerged of a second shooter in a terminal described by police as a white male in a white t-shirt. Reports of the second shooter have been reported as false at this point in time. 

The Transportation Security Administration alerted on Twitter that there was an "active shooter" at the airport and cautioned people in the area to "shelter in place."

A Florida Democratic senator told MSNBC  that the initial gunman was identified as 26-year-old Esteban Santiago and was carrying a military I.D.

Passenger Mark Lea said the man was "just randomly shooting people" with a 9 mm pistol, without saying a word to anyone. He reportedly emptied three magazines of bullets before getting down on the ground and waiting for police to subdue him.

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