Mississippi State Players Help Woman Whose Car Flipped Over

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The Mississippi State men’s basketball team came to the rescue after a woman’s car flipped on a wet highway on Friday.

Carolyn Ashley, a nurse in McComb, Mississippi, did not have any injuries on the scene after paramedics arrived.

The basketball team was on a bus to Louisiana when they witnessed the SUV slide off the highway and eventually flip. "She just spun out and went flying off the road," coach Ben Howland said of the accident. "There were multiple tumbles and turns."

According to ESPN, the bus immediately pulled over and ran to the woman’s aid. Ashely was unresponsive at first but woke up when David Deets knocked on her door to help.

Howland says the crew and players were worried of the car exploding and hurried to get Ashley out of her car.

"I can't even tell you how surreal this was," Howland admitted.

After multiple tests, Ashley was cleared to go home the team has since reached out to her, and she has yet to respond as she has been taking some much-needed rest.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is advising all motorists to say off the roads due to the stoma coming in over the weekend.


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