Community Comes Together to Help Officer With Rare Form of Cancer

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A community has come together to help raise money for a man who saves them every day. A St. Joseph County Police Office is suffering from a rare form of cancer, and his community is here to help.

According to ABC, Kyle Stopczynski is the guy “everyone wants to be around.”

"He's always trying to talk to people, going above and beyond our normal day. He'll stop and talk to somebody who's not having a good day to try to cheer them up," Corporal Matthew Parmalee. Just last week Stopcznyski received treatment in Texas for the rare cancer developing in his spinal cord called, myxopapillary ependymoma.

In a statement from the officers, they said, "Recently Kyle was outdoors hunting with a friend when he slipped. That slip resulted in substantial back pain. For being such a minor incident, Kyle realized the pain was greater than what would otherwise be reasonable to expect. Days passed and the pain grew greater—he finally went to the hospital for help. After a few tests, doctors found masses near his tailbone and on his spine. After more tests, the diagnosis was cancer."

"When he found out and told me, it was kind of disbelief. He's so young. And for something like that to happen to him I thought it was unreal," Corporal Aaron Santa said.

The two talked and realized they can make a difference in their friend’s life. Santa has started a GoFundMe page to help his friend and coworker with medical expenses and it’s taken off so fast Santa has already had to raise the goal twice for money raised to $50,000 due to the outpour of donations.

"People from all over the community, outside of the community. Coworkers, friends, strangers," Santa continued.

They have already begun to open a bank account for donations and bracelets to raise awareness for the local hero.


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