Wisconsin Parents Could Ask For Students to Be Drug Tested

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A new proposal is on the table for Wisconsin high school students to potentially undergo drug tests at the request of their parents.

According to CBS, Republican Rep. Joel Kleefisch is planning on introducing it in the Assembly in the next coming months. He is currently revising another proposal which would allow statewide drug testing of students who are participating in extracurricular activities or parking a vehicle at school.

“I think with the concerns people have about forced testing, our best approach is to make the parents aware that we will offer an opt-in for parents to have their children tested,” Kleefisch said.

Crivitiz High School already randomly drug tests students for illegal drug use when in extracurricular activites or drive to campus; however, it doesn’t allow parents to request for their children to be tested.

“In my opinion, if a person is that concerned that their child is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, you can buy drug-testing kits over the counter. That’s what I would do,” Principal Jeff Baumann said.

In contrast, De Pere High School allows parents to request to have their children drug tested if they believe there is suspicion. Twelve students are randomly selected each week to be drug tested who are involved in the school. This amounts to nearly 80-percent of the school's current enrollment.

“For these types of proposals to be happening in a vacuum, absent our opportunity and the opportunity for local control and school-board members to engage in meaningful policy development, I think represents short-sightedness and will continue to cause this frustration and lack of trust at certain levels that I think presently exist,” Superintendent Damian LaCroix of Howard-Suamico School District said.


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