Director Ron Howard Slams Donald Trump For His Response To Meryl Streep

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  1. And they called us deplorables. I mean how can anyone take this woman seriously when she gave a standing ovation to an accused child molester. 

  2. hollywood should stick to playland and stay out of politics

  3. They don't get it.

  4. Hey Ronnie! Get educated, she took the platform to bash trump and he isn't supposed to respond ? Check this out, he didn't mock a disabled reporter, research, you all should be familiar with that, then as her why she chise to celebrate Roman Polanski ,, remember him? He drugged and raped a 13 yr old, now lives in exile in France and Poland!!! Hypocrites , all of you

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    ENOUGH Already!!! People we are Americans and it's time to start acting like it. Donald Trump has been elected as our next president. And it's time we start banning together to stop the childish bickering, hate, violence and all the other useless waste of energy on such. No president is going to be everything everyone wants, black or white! But the elecation is over. It's time for the media, celebrities and politicians to start working together for the good of this country. Shame on you in positions that your voice can be heard for using your positions otherwise. Give the man a chance and try uniting instead of causing more strife and division. Treat this country with respect and grow up!!!

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