Shower Beer Is Officially a Thing

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(Photo: Twitter / @maximmag)

For all the beer lovers out there, this is some pretty exciting news. Sure, people have been drinking beer in the shower and calling it a "shower beer" forever, but now one company has taken it to the next level, according to Scary Mommy

Swedish brewery PangPang partnered with creative agency Skansk to create a brew specifically made for the showering part of your daily routine. 

For those of you scoffing because "isn't every beer a shower beer?" here're the details on the difference. 

Most regular beers are 12 ounces, Shower Beer is a 6 ounce brew that packs the punch of a 12-ounce without having to constantly drink beer while you're trying to wash your hair, shave your legs, etc. It's a 10 percent ABV pale ale with a glass bottle designed to fit in your shower caddy. 

Unfortunately, the Shower Beer isn't available in the US just yet, but after selling out instantly at its first release party, the brewery is looking to expand into other countries, so hopefully we won't be waiting much longer. 


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