Watch: Kendra Wilkinson Reveals She Was Drunk on a Flight and Almost Got Into Fist Fight With Passenger

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You might know Kendra Wilkinson best for being one of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's girlfriends for a few years, or maybe you know her from her appearances on the reality show The Girls Next Door. In case you don't know her for those things, well, Wilkinson is famous for being one of Hefner's girlfriends for a few years and a string of different reality series. However, if you're the woman who recently shared a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with Wilkinson, you'll remember her as the loud drunk woman who wanted to fight you.

TMZ caught up with the reality star as she was exiting her flight and gave them the play-by-play of the incident that took place.

According to Wilkinson, she and a friend boarded a flight to Los Angeles after having a few drinks and, while on the flight, imbibed a few more drinks. More specifically, she and her friend did a bunch of shots of tequila. Apparently, these shots allowed Wilkinson and her friend to "enjoy" the flight a little bit more, and if this video is any indication, part of the enjoyment was probably yelling and talking loudly.

Once the flight was over, a passenger from the back of the plane decided to let Wilkinson know how her behavior disrupted the flight, to which Wilkinson threatened, "Oh yeah? Say it to my f**kin' face."

Despite the ordeal, Wilkinson didn't seem to allow the altercation to dampen her spirits, most likely because she had enjoyed so many spirits on the flight.


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