Two Strangers Spent New Year's Eve Together Because They Have the Same Name and It Was Amazing

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Two men from two different countries came together to celebrate this past New Year's Eve, and all because they share the same name.

Sam Mitchell, from London, told BuzzFeed News that he was on his computer one day and received a message from a man named Sam Mitchell, from Tasmania, Australia, who friend requested him on Facebook.

“I was sitting in the library and I got a message from a stranger [on Facebook] saying he added me because we have the same name,” the English Sam Mitchell said.

“I found it pretty funny so I accepted [his friend request] and commented on his wall ‘f—ing class name mate’.”

The two began messaging back in forth, and Australian Sam Mitchell's famly and friends even got involved, suggesting that English Sam Mitchell come and visit for New Year's Eve, which he did.

Australian Sam Mitchell paid for the flight, and the two finallly met and enjoyed a night of New Year's Eve celebrations in Tasmania, which included events like bucket racing and beer pong. The duo even watched the fireworks together and shared a New Year's Eve kiss.

(Photo: Imgur)

The two Sams shared their story on Reddit Sunday, and it has since gone viral.

“It’s been crazy, I thought it was pretty funny but it’s just blown up,” said Australian Sam Mitchell.

English Sam Mitchell has since returned home, but as their Reddit post says, the two will always remember their "weird and wonderful weekend."


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