Major New Fragrance Initiative Aims to Keep Consumers in the Know

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(Photo: Twitter / @labelinsight)

Soon, consumers will be able to get a better idea of exactly what's in their beauty products — and that's a big deal.

Unilever has announced a "Fragrance Transparency Initiative," which aims to give consumers access to additional fragrance ingredient information for all of their personal care lines, which include brands like Dove, TRESemmé, Degree, Suave, Vaseline and St. Ives, Cosmopolitan reports.

The initiative, which Unilever hopes to complete by the end of 2018, will include the fragrance ingredients in a product's formulation above 0.01 percent (100 parts per million) as way for consumers to learn exactly what they're putting in or on their bodies.

"Unilever's action is a game-changer for transparency in the personal care product market, and we expect other major companies to follow suit,” Ken Cook, the president and co-founder of EWG, said in a statement. "This is an enormous win for consumers' right to know."

"Fragrance" has become somewhat of a catch-all phrase for product ingredients, as the term describes up to 5,000 ingredients, none of which need to be listed on labels under U.S. law, Mind Body Green shares. As some of these ingredients are potential human carcinogens, knowing if they're in a product you're about to use is kind of important.

"Fragrance chemicals ultimately end up in and on the bodies of virtually everyone who uses personal care products, including babies," Cook added. "I hope [this] decision by Unilever will prompt similar action by other companies in the personal care market and beyond."


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