Officer and His Canine Companion Snap the Most Adorable Partner Photos Ever

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It sounds like a simple enough task: snap official photos of an Indiana Conservation Officer with his K-9 partner.

But keep in mind when you add an adorable pup to the mix, things will get a little more easy-going.

Law enforcement officer Levi Knach with Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources took a portrait with his partner, Kenobi, a K-9 and the results are adorably awry — partially because the pup is cute beyond words.

In a series of photos posted to the department’s Facebook page, Kenobi broke the character of a tough police dog and showed his handler some much appreciated “puppy love.” 

In the series of four photos, the stern-faced Knach struggles to maintain a profession look as Kenobi snuggles up to him, licks his face and knocks his hat off his head.

The Indiana State Parks posted the photos with the caption, “Kenobi is cute, but make no mistake  he is a trained, working officer and can track people and locate a variety of objects ranging from venison to ginseng.”

While the pictures were initially seen on Facebook, they went viral after being posted to Reddit.

The two partners eventually got a serious portrait after several takes.

The Facebook post went on to describe the congenial pair as “awesome” and how they make a great team when they hit the streets. 


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