This Beloved Monopoly Piece Is No More

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(Photo: Twitter / @FoxNews)

In major Monopoly news, the thimble is no more.

The iconic game retired the popular piece after asking fans to help choose a new batch of tokens, and in a poll, the thimble lost out.

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Originally added to the game in 1935, the thimble joins the iron, which was removed in 2013, in Monopoly obscurity. The iron was replaced with a cat, because no one can resist a good cat video.

Hasbro Inc. is currently holding a worldwide contest to let people choose the eight tokens to be included in the next generation, and the winning pieces will be announced March 19. USA Today shared that more than four million votes were cast in the poll to save current pieces or add new ones like emojis, a computer and a jet.

Hasbro will announce which tokens made the cut on "World Monopoly Day," March 19. A new game with the brand-new pieces will go on sale in August.


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