The New Starbucks Drink You're About to See All Over Social Media

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Whether it’s seasonal or an all-time favorite, we’ve all got our go-to drink at Starbucks that we must have upon every visit. But there’s a new drink brewing that is about to burst onto the social media scene.

Food enthusiasts know about the “secret menus” from some of our favorite one-stop shops, but Starbucks has the best item that also doubles as the quintessential drink for spring.

Enter the unicorn drink — the one that will show all the cool kids you’re serious business. This secret menu item is going to be all the rage in the coming months as Starbucks lovers order this beautifully magical drink.

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According to the Daily Food Feed on Instagram, this cute two-toned beverage looks like unicorn dreams and every Lisa Frank memory tied into one. It’s called the “Matcha Pink Drink” and ordering it is pretty simple.

Just start with last summer’s popular pink drink, the strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk, and add matcha coconut milk.

With this new concoction of lush ombré colors, you’ll totally shut down those one-tone colorful secret menu drinkers.

While we are unsure of its flavor, it’s definitely pleasing to the eye and you can bet social media aficionados will be posting it up all over their Instagram and Twitter feeds for an added spring in our seasonal step.


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