Would You Spend $150 on This Starbucks Mug?

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This Starbucks mug is super pricey — but it's already selling like hotcakes at Starbucks. In fact, the expensive item has already sold out at the coffee chain. 

So why would anyone spend more than a few bucks on a tumbler?

According to Cosmpolitan, it's all about the technology for coffee lovers. The tech allows you to be as exact as possible with the heat of your beverage. You can set the mug — the matte black cup is called Ember — to your preferred temperature, down to the degree, and keep it there all day long.

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Still, though, double-walled tumblers promise to keep drinks warm for hours, so why are people so obsessed with this particular one?

"The typical Thermos keeps coffee hot for 5 hours, but by 'hot,' that means anywhere from 100 degrees and 212. That's a pretty big spread," said Ember founder Clay Alexander. "When you first pour the drink in there, it's so hot it burns your mouth, then it gradually gets to the temperature you like, but it's only there for a little while before it cools even more.

To further customize the mug, it connects to a special app, so you can create different preset temperatures for every drink you use. The app will make your phone vibrate, alerting you to when your drink's at exactly the degree you want it.

Would you try this cutting-edge technology or stick to your tumbler?


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