Mom Arrested After Leaving 3-Year-Old in Supermarket Parking Lot

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(Photo: Brevard County Police)

A woman in Florida has been charged with child neglect after she allegedly left her 3-year-old alone in a grocery store parking lot, Inside Edition reports.

Police were called to the Publix parking lot after witnesses said cars were nearly hitting the child that evening.

Officers searched for the child's mother for 45 minutes before she showed up to pick up the child. The mother, Stacy Sifuentes, reportedly reeked of booze.

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"The mom reeked of alcohol, head really no idea how her child was left in the parking lot," Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

Sifuentes didn't explain why she left  her child behind, but did say she didn't realize the child was missing until she got home.

"Don't get me wrong; there's probably not a parent out there that hasn't had that sick feeling where they momentarily lost sight of their child and we all know how that feels," Ivey said. "This was not that feeling. This was simply, didn't have enough faculties about her to know that she had even abandoned her child."

The mother was charged with felony child neglect without great bodily harm.


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