Is Burger King's Oreo Mint Shake Better Than the Shamrock Shake?

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Burger King's Oreo Mint Shake is back!

The foe of McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back with a new name, Cosmpolitan reports. In the past, the Oreo and mint shake was called the "Oreo Irish Mint Shake" for St. Patrick's Day. While the drink is still only around for the holiday, it's got a brand-spanking new name.

The shake is a spin on Burger King's Classic Oreo Cookie Shake with a mint flavor and Oreo crumbles. 

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Even with McDonald's recently upgrading their Shamrock Shake to include another flavor that's part chocolate — not to mention its other line of Shamrock drinks — do Burger King's Oreo crumbles beat it out?

Which shake is your favorite?


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