Wine-Infused Coffee Exists and All of Our Dreams Have Come True

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Say goodbye to your Starbucks Cold Brew because there’s a new kid in town and it’s the fanciest, most appreciated cup of joe you’ll have all morning.

For years we assumed coffee was just for mornings, while was for mid-day to evening, but think again, Womanistas.

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some of them work at the Molinari Private Reserve, a Nappa Valley café that has created wine-infused coffee.

You read right and it’s pretty genius.

Though the idea of wine and coffee is not totally new, the Molinari Private Reserve is the first coffee company to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine — a secret art form that took them two and a half years to perfect.

The wine-infused blend smells like wine, but tastes like coffee with a hint of blueberry notes.

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Their website states that the more milk you add to your coffee, the more it tastes like wine. With the suggestion that you let your coffee sit for a bit like wine, the experts at Molinari suggest it will taste better too as it pronounces the flavors more and opens up the coffee.

If you’re feeling a bit daring in this new found love, chill your coffee overnight for a wine-infused iced coffee.

The best part is, you won’t get drunk off it because the wine is infused in the coffee strictly for flavor than anything else, and that still makes for some afternoon delight.

Since news broke of the wine-infused coffee that sells online for $20, the company is currently out of stock. While they are roasting more this week, back orders will be shipped ASAP and select stories around Nappa Valley will be selling the product of our dreams.


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